Film Terms and Phrases

A to Z Guide to Film Terms, 5th Edition

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the movie industry?

Do you watch the credits for a film and wonder what all those people do?

Do you want to learn the behind-the-scenes lingo used by the cast and crew?

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A Book is Born:

I created and published this book with the intent to help people gain a better understanding of the language of filmmaking within a small format that could be kept in your pocket for quick viewing when needed.

Working on dozens of MOW's, TV series and Feature Films over the last two decades as a Location Manager and Scout as well as working on my own TV projects has enabled me to have a firm working knowledge of how a film set operates, from pre-production to the shoot and right through to the editing and final mix in post. This 5th edition of my book is the result of a commitment to giving my readers the most up-to-date, comprehensive guide to the terms and phrases used in modern filmmaking.

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"Crane Shot" photo - Karl Herrmann

Star Quality:

The book is now required reading at colleges and  film schools across North America, and has helped thousands of people understand and speak the lingo.

With this book, you will learn strange sounding movie terms and phrases such as:

Apple Box A small wooden box that is used on set for raising equipment, cameras and (sometimes) actors.

Break the Bubble To tilt the camera off axis. Also called a Dutch Angle.

The person in charge of the lighting and electrics crew.

Honeywagons The washroom trailers. You will need to know this if you need to go 10-100. Not to be confused with the catering truck.

Jack Lord Camera term for a 50mm lens. Five-O, get it?

Magic Hour That golden time just before the sun sets and everything is bathed in a orange glow.

Martini Shot
The last shot of the day. Also called the Window Shot.

Pretties The name given to the hair, makeup and wardrobe departments. Also the name of the trucks that they use while on location or at a studio.

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Over 20,000 copies have been sold of this "bible" of the Movie and TV production industry.

This book is required reading at schools, colleges and universities across Canada and the United States.

Get your copy today and you'll sound like a Hollywood producer in no time!